Fuck his brother

Black, red, blue.  Three messages, one motherfucker.  Enjoy!



There once was a man, I gave him his name.

He never used mine but it’s all the

Same motherfucker every month,

Same old excuses, he had a whole

Bunch in my panties, bunch in my life,

He says he hates drama but it’s all he

Invites me to fuck, but never to care.

I’m not even sure why I ever went

There he is.  There’s that smile.

Perhaps I’m okay if I just stay a

While I was sleeping, so was he….

Just most of the time it wasn’t with

Me and my feels.  What a mistake,

But it’s always fine.  Got no heart to

Break all his gifts, mail him bulk glitter,

The ending he chose, could not have been


I would fuck his brother, but he’s

only got a sister.


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