Casual Fun

First of all……

Don’t over-think it.
Don’t over-do it.
I’ll never text back…
Cause you might read back through it.
You’re overreacting.
You’re asking too much.
It’ll never be more…
Cause I like random sluts.
It’s not you it’s me,
You did nothing wrong.
You just have no rights
You were warned all along.
Are you sane yet?
Neither am I.
Obviously I’m a coward-
And I won’t say goodbye.


Um, actually…..

I was never with you anyway.
I was alone the whole time.
I prefer it that way.
And I’m totally fine.
You were just a distraction,
That went on too long.
I have no regrets,
Even if I was wrong.
But since it was so casual,
And we were just having fun…
I’m sure you won’t mind,
If I tell everyone.
I’m not even sorry,
And since you had no feelings..
Then you’ll have no rights to money…..


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