Good Girls

Just be yourself.

No, not like that.

Don’t wear those pants.

Your arse looks fat.

Now change your hair,

and your mind.

Nothing is fair,

But don’t fall behind.

Less is more.

So make yourself less.

Never make waves.

Buy that cute dress.

Feel awkward in it,

When everyone looks.

But that’s how to do it,

Read the rule books.

Make sure that you’re seen-

But never look back.

Cause everyone knows,

Only hoes act like that.

Pretend you don’t like it

When they give you the eye.

Pretend you don’t notice,

Just walk on by.

Nobody likes and uppity slut.

Who thinks on her own

Makes decisions and such.

Nudes on her phone,

Cash in her clutch.

Happy alone,

And gives zero fucks.

Don’t end up like me-

You’d better act right.

Cause who wants to be free?

Or live life in the light?









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