The Ugly Truth

He was too lazy to date,

Like most of mankind.

He’d summon me late,

But I didn’t mind.

I’d go to his place,

While his son slept, sometimes.

I’d sit on Sir’s face,

And he’d sit on mine.

He said she was crazy,

But things aren’t how they look.

His facts were all hazy,

She stalked on facebook.

He commanded me to block,

I said fucking YES Sir.

I loved him and his cock,

And cared not about her.

But hindsight is clear.

He hid me from her.

Even in our third year.

I knew what we were.

He told her I was gone,

Even though I was not.

It went on so long,

What I wanted, I got.

I supported his lies,

And his weight when on top.

I looked into his eyes,

As I slurped on his cock.

What I know, she will too.

I know why she’s bitter,

He’s a cunt through and through.

I’m bad. Betrayed a sister.

It was over for them,

Well before we began.

But I think.. then again,

I missed part of this scam.

What I know about him,

Is only half of the truth.

So I repent for my sin,

Cause he gave me the boot.

Sisters before misters,

That’s what I preach.

Didn’t act like a sister,

So it’s time that I teach.

The lesson will be hard,

But I know it will stick.

So I play my final card,

And call him a DICK.

Forgive me.

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