Throw a brick,  Suck a dick

So slick,  So sick

She’s quick,  Thighs thick

Wanna flick,  Wanna lick

Learn her trick,  Raddest chick

She’ll stick…..


Stiletto nails in your arse,

and fuck your insides up!


Bitch on fire,  Climbs higher

Just try her,  Noone’s fly-er

Words for hire,  Next buyer

You require,  And she’ll acquire

Yes Sire,  Like gunfire

Her attire……


Puts you down onto your knees,

and shuts you straight up!


Got a brain,  Feels no pain

No strain,  Never plain

Won’t feign,  Luscious mane

Kinda vain,  Her campaign

Makes it rain,  Taste her cane

She’ll train…..


You ’till you’re better,

or she’ll mess you right up!


She’s a switch,  What a bitch

Scratch your itch,  Burn the witch

Gonna snitch?  What a sitch

From a ditch,  Stitch by stitch

Without a glitch,  Perfect pitch

Makes her rich…..


Got all the motherfuckers

Wishing they could keep up!





















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