Resting Bitch Face

You bet I have it.  It’s how I make my money.

Everyone loves a bitch, just not everyone will admit it.  Who doesn’t love someone who respects themselves enough to say fuck no?!  Or fuck yes… as the case may be.

Life has a funny way of kicking my arse in just the right way to inspire me to lift my game.  I’m doing some next level shit, every day.

I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I wasn’t stabbed in the back.  I thank them for the knives.  I’ll bleed out with pride and leave a stain for them to remember me by.  Let’s not forget the glitter that’s coming to them all.  What a fucking mess.  I hope they enjoy.

Better that their shit be all messed up than my little heart.  How’s that for some swift deflection?  They only hate me because they’re insecure.  No dude, I was never going to try and lock you down and marry you.  I told you that a thousand times but your listening skills are poor.

You know you weren’t worth it.  I can’t even pronounce your surname.  I never bothered to learn.  I was busy learning other things.  Like how to flex my shit and make a fuck tonne of cash.

I don’t ever feel like I’m at work.  I love every second of what I do.  Even the spreadsheets.  Admin is my jam.  Art is my jam.  Got so many jams, I need some place to spread it.


So dirty.  So flirty.


I’ve struck some of the greatest deals of my life by being quite the painful bitch.  The thing is, I’m not really fussed if people like me.  I know my people will see me, and resonate with my various projects.  The rest, well they don’t matter all that much, do they?

What does matter, is that people respect me.

Wait a minute.

Some of you might suggest that getting naked isn’t going to gain me respect…. but I beg to differ.  It’s only skin.  If you don’t like me nuding it up, (or semi-nuding it) maybe it’s because you’re uncomfortable within yourself, and not with me.

Don’t externalize your shit near me.  It’s not gonna fly.

There was no way in hell I was going to let the last few years be a waste of my time.  Fine, mankind.  You want to abandon me and cruelly dismiss me?  Go right ahead.  I’ll take every ounce of your wisdom, and pour it back into myself.  You really did have some great ideas.  I was listening, unlike you.

I’ll take your advice.  I’ll take those free nudes you received, and convert them to cash.  Cash over cock, that’s what he said.  Well, Yes Sir, message received.

Loud and clear.

Can you hear me now?  I’ll say it a little louder for the people in the back.

Fuck ALL of your rules, I do what I want, and I do it well.  I abide by the law, so what are you gonna do about it?  Call the cops?  I’ll call them first.  They’re waiting for me to text them back.



I bet if I texted Sir now and showed him my recent (awesome) achievements, he’d still ghost me.  Not because I suck, but because he does.  He’s too insecure to enjoy watching me rise.  Or he’s busy buried six inches deep in some other hoe.  He only liked me on my knees (or on his face).  Sucking in more ways than one.

Everyone knows I’m good at sucking, anyway…..  Especially the boys.  Even some of the girls!!!  When something sucks though, I like to grab it by the throat and make it behave.

Got bills?  I get paid.  Got a sad soul?  I’ve got it made.  Cause I allow nobody to get under my skin, or fuck up my chi with their personal baggage.  I’m way too busy to be dragged down.

I’m not just living my dreams, I’m living some of yours too.

Just say yes ma’am.  It’ll be easier for you.

This Switch may have crossed over into Dom territory.  The scales are tipping and I’m leaning more that way than ever.  God, he would hate that.  Not just him.  All of them.

It’s perfect.  Murdering their fun, day by day, piece by piece.  That’s what they get for fucking with me.  And my chi.





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