Burning Blades

I spray myself with men’s cologne,

So he might leave me the fuck alone.

She stares me down, with hate in her eyes,

I don’t give a fuck, you believe in his lies.

I don’t want him back, you keep him now,

You bend and you scrape, go on, take a bow.

I don’t give a fuck, if you don’t like my hair,

I don’t like your soul, take that, bitch!  So there!

Do I look like I care, when you undermine?

You’ll drown in him, so fuck you, cause you’re so blind.

You’re stupid enough, to shield me from him,

That’s all that you are, you’re not worth your skin.

Zero fucks right here, I don’t fucking care,


I don’t need you near me, I’ll never go there.

Those children are ours, and you’re just his pet,

I discarded him, to fuck men you can’t get.

I will  not compete, because you’re just sad,

Gloat about the children, that you hardly had.

It’s not a race… If I did, I would win,

I don’t give a fuck that you’re staying with him.

Enjoy him, my dear, he belongs with you,

But my children are mine, and he could be too.

If I were cool with that, satisfied with trash,

But I’m not, so get fucked, I hack and I slash.

No blades – just my words, fuck I’m on fire…

Now go on- fuck off, you’re a cunt and a liar.

You’ve got nothing on me, but you’ll never learn,

Outta my way!  Need some cream for that burn?




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