This is manfestation 101…

I got 99 problems, but my tits ain’t one.

Tell dramatic motherfuckers to fuckoffee.

Never worked so fast, or felt so free.

Got everybody wishing they could roll like me.

Kicking back, sipping back on iced coffee.

You better make it dark… just like my hair.

And put a fuck tonne of sugar in there, YEAH!

Now there’s no daddies here, no daddies there.

But zero fucks are given, and I do not care.

I cannot find my fucks… anywhere.

I guess- they’re gone, and that’s too bad.

I’m the sweetest little slut, that you ever had.

You really hate me, but why even bother?

It’s not like I fucked your fucking brother.

I only gave you what you asked me to.

And there was no fucking pleasing you.

I’m not sure why, you even turned on me.

I was blinded by the blonde, but now I see.

Cause revelations happen in sobriety,

And I’m fucking done with your slavery.

I found a great way to enhance my chi.

There’s no gateway to bring you back to me.

I wouldn’t call you back here anyway.

Cause all you ever wanted was to fucking play.

But I’m not a toy dude, and I got feels.

I hope you like glitter, my man, for reals.



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