Yes Ma’am

They be reading my shit,

In 22 countries.

Sir said I had a talent…

But he acted like a cunty.

He was right about some stuff,

This much I know.

He was wrong about this slut,

And he never shared his blow.

Thank fuck for that,

Cause I addict quick.

That shit is whack,

And he made my soul sick.

He killed my sparkle,

He took away my shine.

Dragged me into the darkle,

And made me fucking blind.

I was lucky to escape,

With just a bruised ego.

Dominant so fake,

It was time for him to go.

Beyond time! I count the times,

I should have walked away.

Hindsight gets in my eyes,

I should have made him pay.

Cause my nudes ain’t free,

But I definitely am.

And if you wanna pay me,

Fucking say YES MA’AM!


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