Seek and Destroy


Sir dared to seek me out once again.  I hope he felt the venom I unleashed.  I doubt it though, we all know he’s not human, and feels fucking nothing.

GET FUCKED THOUGH!  How dare you try to drag me back into darkness.  I raise my weapons this time.  You seek, I destroy.


You broke me.

Now I break you.

You’re hollow, to your marrow.

No dark survives my light. 

Mind small, heart shallow,

Won’t go down without a fight.

I loved you,

But you’re toxic.

I release you,

With a dropkick!

Don’t say a word,

Never come back.

I flip a bird,

Your soul is black.

Turn up my light,

Issue a swift kick!

It blinds you, right?

Miss me forever, PRICK.



I revoke his power, and make it my own.  Kiss him goodbye. I bitch, he moans.


Fucking AMEN.

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