World Wide Wanker

What do you do when a motherfucker hands you evidence of his fuckery? You certainly don’t allow yourself to be complicit in his deceit.

There’s a certain place reserved in hell for those who attempt to harm people for their own personal gain, without remorse.

You see…. loyalty is valuable, but so is insight and clarity. Your loyalty should only survive so long as your people are conducting themselves in a way that DESERVES your trust and respect.

This is the finale in the tale of Sir and Her. May that piece of shit rest in pieces.

He tasted my fucking blades…

It was a flawless victory for myself, and for his now ex girlfriend.

That’s right. My instinct commanded me to dig a little deeper, and see if the reason he was contacting me once every three months… was because he had a girlfriend. You should always listen to instincts, because they will be bang on.

I was right. My fury was instantaneous and firey.

I made the decision to strike him down where he stood. How fucking dare he do me harm… but even more so, HOW FUCKING DARE HE CONTINUE TO DO THE SAME TO ANOTHER.

Why take vengeance, you ask? Well, how could I sit back when I knew I had the power to stop him from stringing another woman along? When I knew I had the power to stop him in his tracks?

I could not, and would not allow it.

Never hand me a weapon, and then lie to me. I will fucking smite you good and proper, as is deserved.

How could I NOT do this in my name and in hers? Turns out I was right to do so, as she thanked me and had the strength to fucking cut him loose. Lady love to her.  I am in service of her, not some prick who moves his women around like pawns to meet his own sadistic needs.

He knows nothing of sadism. He can consider himself educated now. I’ve taken away his new source of narcissistic supply…… and that’s a powerful way to deliver him justice, whilst simultaneously helping a sista out.

I love my men. You should too. But when they fail to love you back, and wouldn’t know the truth from a fucking spatula in their arse…. (don’t even ask)… then it should be your duty to set them straight.

I wonder if his roommate uses that spatula to cook. Food for thought!

Motherfuckers will continue to exist, and continue to deal damaging blows to innocent people until and unless they’re taught some fucking respect.

He may or may not learn from this…. chances are he won’t.  He definitely won’t forget either of us now, though.  I was glad to hand this lovely lady back her freedom.  He’d been lying to her from the start.

Don’t get me wrong though, you shouldn’t go out and do something stupid like harass, threaten or vandalize shit. Hell no. You should stay elevated in your stance and fight only with lawful and metaphorical weaponry.

My weapon was the truth.

I unblocked him so that I might enjoy watching his facade crumble before my eyes. He wasted no time in delivering me this gift.


Lies. Blame. More lies. A nice little threat in writing. Oh okay cunt, howz about you try it, and then realize that a) I publicize my own nudes…. and b) I will sue fuck out of you…. also c) I’m fairly certain he used that lie about a woman slitting her wrists in his house a few years ago. I can’t be sure, I was always drunk or high in his presence. Seems to be the only way I tolerate narcs.

My sobriety and clarity are the strongest armour I’ve ever worn.

But wait, why would I do that to him? Well why would I not? What loyalty do I owe the prick who blocked me within 24 hours of being buried 6 inches deep in my arse, without so much as a word?  AFTER TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!!!!

Why would I think he was any friend of mine, when he made sure he did everything he could to meet his own needs, at great cost to me?

This is a good example of how a narcissist will behave in the end game. They will throw down their shields, rip off their mask, and show their true selves in all their glory. It was quite the show. I only wish he ranted a little more so that I may have laughed harder.

I have NO FUCKING REMORSE. I have NO FUCKING REGRETS. I show no mercy.

Don’t worry, I’m safe. He can’t even remember my real name, or my address. He deleted my number over a year ago. He also deleted said nudes he threatened me with, and I know this as I know he was covering his tracks. Even if they were leaked, do you think I would give a fuck? My nudes are ace. Even the ones involving broccoli. Again, don’t ask.


I love it when they call me crazy. As if they had NOTHING AT ALL to do with that outcome. No sweetheart, I don’t go around unleashing destructive force on people who treat me with kindness and care. That would make me…….. you. It would make me you.

I checked with his ex girlfriend. She’s alright. She’ll continue to be alright and I’m sure we’ll have some kind of epic party to celebrate our freedom and victory once she heals a bit. Maybe I’ll give her some beautiful new heels to ease her pain. We can take some nudes together and fucking LAUGH.

The reason he’s so mad is because he was trying to pull her back in. The day after he attempted to stick his dick in me once again, he was sweet talking her, discussing how to get their relationship back on track.

There’s no way back now. I burn bridges and FUCKING LAUGH. Not at her, never at her. My soul weeps for what I know she’s endured as a result of knowing him.

His #1 mistake was underestimating me. I can guarantee he’s currently cowering in the fear that I may expose him for what he is, even further.

I won’t bother though. That’d be slanderous and that’s not how I roll, even though it is 100% truth and accuracy. He’s not worth the hassle of dildos and glitter and other forms of amusing vengeance. It was definitely my duty to deploy my blades for his lovely ex girlfriend to protect herself, though.

Also, I will of course refrain from using his name, and issue him a final salute…. making him a world wide wanker, with the tale of how he destroyed himself. With greed, deceit, and arrogance.

May he rest in pieces, and may his ex and I go on to live rich and fruitful lives without his toxicity.

Fucking AMEN.

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