Don’t be a cheeto, bro.

Don’t freak out. Fucking hell. Yes my poetic justice is swift and vengeful, but better my writing be wild than my actions. I purge those demons. The real truth is, I allowed this to happen to me because I had no boundaries. This is 50% my fault.

Experience is a great teacher though, and this will only elevate me, not bring me down.

LET THIS BE A FUCKING LESSON TO YOU ALL. No matter which side you sit on, the ‘man she’s crazy’ side, or the ‘fuck, I feel like that too’ side. We could all stand to learn some shit.

If it’s crazy as fuck to unleash epic rage fueled poetry, and to use my brutal experiences as a teaching tool, then you’d better adjust my straitjacket. The straps are a little loose, and I may bitch slap some sense into you.

I’m beginning to realize that speaking the truth will only drive away the type of person who plans to do you harm. They scurry away, in fear that they might taste your venom. Rightly so. The truth is: If someone is afraid of how you might speak or be when you’ve been wronged, that’s because they know they can’t behave in a way that will earn them your kindness.

Pay attention to the ones who run from you, but also those who lurk on the sidelines. Those are your enemies right there. The ones who don’t engage you, but who hang around just waiting for a chance to attack and bring you down. They’re searching for your weaknesses. Show them NONE. Make them afraid. It’s better that way.

This is not to be confused with acting so crazy people are afraid you’ll slash tyres, and start riots. Don’t be an idiot. There’s a line somewhere in the middle where the wrong people will fear your power, but also know your restraint. Find that. Stay there. It’s safe and secure.

As much as I love to kneel…. I prefer to stand up and take a (metaphorical) swing these days. Getting knocked on my (metaphorical) arse never felt so fucking good.

I get up again.

And again.

They see me rise from the dead and wonder if I’m fucking invincible. Maybe I am, but I’ll never tell.

Who’s stupid now, buddy?

Waste my time,

Have a whine.

What a crime.

Pour some wine.

Getting blind,


I drink to you,

I piss on you.

You asked me to!

Balls will be blue.

RAIN down on his parade,

HELLFIRE, then dig his grave.

Motherfucker can’t behave.

Hold up, fill my cup!

Sad slut, What the fuck.

Threaten me, revenge porn.

Call me crazy, oh- yawn.

He got a new arse torn,

Now he’s acting forlorn.

But that’s just how it fucking goes,

Treat me stupid, using hoes.

Everybody fucking knows,

Where his spatula goes.


He’s a fucking cheeto,

That’s not how to be, bro.

Cheaty Cheaty Cheat Cheat,

Got you motherfucking beat.

Out my kitchen, too much heat.

Dust to dust,

Like my trust.

He goes bust,

I don’t play,

Just slay all day…

Satan, not today.

Let us pray:

Give him wisdom.

Wear a condom.

Not so bomb,

And not a dom.

So justified,

Cunt lied!

Hands tied,


Feel the burn, It’s my turn.

Kneel down, take a bow,

Lay him to rest now.

Does it look like I give a fuck if people see my flesh?

Amen, bitches.

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