The art of detachment

What do you think would happen if you just let everything go?

All the bullshit. All the excuses, and dramatic justifications you offer up- when people ask why things aren’t how you want them to be?

What do you think would happen if you stopped explaining yourself?

Imagine a world in which you just don’t fucking bother trying to please or placate. Unless of course it serves you well to do so.

Can you even picture it?

I can.

When I first stepped out of the bullshit….. I still felt the need to place blame somewhere.

To explain myself. To make sure people knew it was HIS FAULT and not mine.

Lately I’ve realized it doesn’t even matter whose fault anything is. Ever. Almost nothing matters.

I don’t mean that in a depressing way.

How great would it feel to release yourself from the burden of giving a fuck about things that literally don’t matter?

I can tell you that, too.


It feels. Fucking. Awesome.

Nobody can make you feel a thing, unless you choose to allow it. Nothing can touch you, unless you let it.

Money. It doesn’t matter. I have fuck all right now, so trust me. It doesn’t matter. I can always make more. It’s both non existent and infinitely abundant.

Does my lack of cash make me a different person? No. Whether I’m rich, or desperately poor… I’m still exactly the same.

Ok.. so when I’m rich I’m more comfortable. Less stressed. That’s true.

But when I’m broke and struggling….. the sensation of that firey destruction looming before me….

It’s a special kind of motivation that only a hustler can understand. Someone who’s fallen on their arse a thousand times, but gotten back up a thousand and one.

There’s ALWAYS pleasure to be found. Even in the darkest of places. The most stressful and fucked up situations. You just have to be looking for it.

Stop licking your wounds and look around you.

There are always reasons to keep going. There are always reasons not to give a fuck… and of course, reasons to be proud.

The key is knowing where and when to apply your fucks, really.

If you decide that you’re unstoppable, then that’s what you shall be. Picture yourself facing problems as they arise…. not with an attitude of WHY ME, but with an attitude of FUCK THIS, I will find my way through.

Not out.


The universe is on my side. The universe will provide.

Imagine what it would be like, if you actively took steps to change the things that got you down.

Don’t like the way people treat you? Stop seeing them. If you can’t, limit your contact and close yourself off to their poison.

Don’t like your job? Look for another one. Create another one. Bail out if you have the financial backing to do so. DO SOMETHING.

Don’t like your life? Change it. How? Fuck how. Just start. Get your shit togther piece by piece. Stop whining about how unfair it is and MAKE IT FAIRER. Even the score. Step into yourself.

Don’t like your body? Change how you fuel it and treat it. Change how you view it. How you clothe it…. how you use it.

You’re wasting your energy getting caught up in what ifs and maybes. Who gives a fuuuuuuuck? Not me. Start making decisions from your core. Your soul will never lie to you. Start trusting yourself.

At the end of the day, hardly any of this stuff truly matters anyway. One way or another, you’re going to face that. Eventually, everything falls away.

So while you have the time.. and while you have the strength, take control of what you can, and let the rest go and fuck itself.

Allow your problems to wash over you like waves. They pass by. You don’t drown. You can float.

When you train yourself to focus on solving what can be solved, and detaching from the rest… you set yourself free.

So do the work.

Do it now, and do it like you mean it.

Be the unstoppable force. Let nothing stand in your way.


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