Saying “Fuck that” changed my life.

We all encounter people who are sent to challenge us or teach us something.  Learning isn’t always comfortable or fun.  I’ve come to realize… all that really matters is how efficiently and gracefully you take your lessons, and apply them to your life going forward.

I consider any negative encounters to be an upgrade, of sorts.  My boundaries are strengthened, refined, and I always walk away with some valuable new information.

There are two strong principles you can apply, to help the lesson run a little smoother.  Firstly, FUCK THAT.  Say it with me.  Fuck that!  It’s amazing the release I can trigger by simply uttering a fuck that, and exhaling my annoyance.  The second one, is IT’S OKAY.  I use that as an acknowledgement that I remain untouchable, unfuckwithable, and I do not give a fuck, nor allow negative energy to penetrate my armour, or disturb the peace at my core.

It sounds simple, right?  That’s because it is.  Try it today.  Make the decision to just stop giving energy to situations beyond your control, and instead, focus on how to handle them with enviable grace.  THAT’S how you attract the right crowd.  By not giving a fuck.

It’s a huge time saver, to simply move through life with acceptance for what is, and understanding of what will be- if you train your focus on what actually matters.  The only thing you really control in life is yourself, and how you choose to carry yourself.

You can’t make anyone do anything.  You can, however, motivate them to treat you with respect, by acting in a way which commands that.  (You can even do that half naked, believe it or not.  Respect has nothing to do with what you are or aren’t wearing.)

You can repel the people who aren’t right for you, and attract the ones you crave, simply by trusting yourself to be who you are without apology.  If you’re faking your way through life, or pretending you want something you don’t……. you cheat yourself out of the authentic connections you could be making.  You’ll be deeply unsatisfied.  Who the fuck wants that?

Do you want to be weak, and distracted?

Or do you want to be strong and fucking magnetic?

Let the haters kiss your arse as you exit.

Here are some solid reasons to say fuck that to people:

Because they feign interest and are not supportive when the time comes to be so.

Because you see judgment in their eyes.

Because you know if they operated by your rules, they’d tell you to fuck off first.

Because they use you when it suits them, but offer you nothing of value.

Because they don’t defend you, and stand in total opposition of your core beliefs.

Because it serves no purpose to be around them.

Because it causes you pain in your soul to listen to them.

Because they lack insight and empathy.

Because you have to pretend you agree.

Because you can’t be authentic when they’re around.

Because you feel disconnected and like their truth is a god damn lie.

Because they hate you and you recognize that.

Because they feel wrong.

Because they’re an energetic vampire.

Because their actions don’t match their words.

Because you’re allergic to drama.


It’s okay because:

You’re better off not trying to fit into anyone else’s ideals.

You’re better off moving on with grace and acceptance.

You don’t need to subject yourself to people who pretend they care.

You don’t need anyone around you who doesn’t support you.

You have the right to unsubscribe from drama.

You get to choose what kind of people are your people.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to uphold your boundaries.

You’ll benefit from maintaining your standards and refusing access to fakes.

You’ll save yourself the energy of trying to understand why they don’t love you.

You can love yourself enough to turn your back.

You don’t have to be around anyone who makes you feel bad inside.

You’re allowed to walk away at any time, for any reason you deem fit.

You can say no to toxicity.



Apply these lessons, and watch your life transform.  You won’t be disappointed.  Unzip your lips, and utter a beautiful ‘fuck that!’, then be gone… on your way to better things.




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