Being magnetic as fuck, vs human repellant

Okay, so it seems like way too many people lack the capacity to act with some god damn humanity. I see a lot of mindless actions being carried out. A lot of robotic and inauthentic behaviour, in an effort to appear to be a good person.


I see a total lack of adultiness, or accountability for the ripple effect that misdirected judgment and hatred has on other people.  Really, these people only hate themselves.  They lack the tools to deal with their shit in a healthy way.  Negativity is contagious though, don’t be responsible for the spread.

Do you want to be magnetic as fuck, loved and respected for who you are….. or do you want to repel everyone around you with your gross attitude?

People in the former category achieve their dreams. People in the latter achieve nothing but self destruction. You decide which one you are.

Here are your instructions on how to person, in case you’re fucking confused. Seems like a lot of people are.

DO have your own opinions.

DON’T express your opinon as if it is law.

DO have a close circle.

DON’T talk shit about people behind their backs, but claim to be their friend.  The intuitive ones will know, and turn on you instantly.

DO speak your mind.

DON’T treat people differently if they don’t agree with your viewpoint every time.

DO share your struggles.

DON’T unload your baggage non stop. It gets tiresome and breeds negativity.

DO have your own standards and ethics.

DON’T persecute those who don’t share identical ideals.

DO make jokes, and have fun.

DON’T make jokes of other people, to cover for your own insecurity… or have fun at others expense.

DO take care of yourself and treat yourself well.

DON’T unleash judgment on those who do so in a different way to you.

DO share in others achievements and celebrations.

DON’T claim glory for things you didn’t work for, and only acquired via association with a successful person.

DO take pride in your own achievements and skills.

DON’T discuss materialistic acquisitions every time your mouth opens. Nobody gives a fuck, unless they directly asked.

DO celebrate your successes.

DON’T drop dollar values and use money as a tool to boost your own self worth. It will piss people off.

DO value yourself, and your time. Associate with the people of your choosing.

DON’T pick and choose who to be friends with, based on who agrees with you the most.

DO ask your friends for help, when needed.

DON’T ask the most vulnerable, to help you when you should be helping them.

DO have your shit together.

DON’T issue judgment of situations you have no insight into, and have never experienced first hand.

DO challenge people and have a healthy debate.

DON’T sling personal insults or insinuations if you feel triggered by their viewpoint.

DO discuss any issues which arise, if you feel it’s important enough.

DON’T disrespect people by denying them an apology when you’ve done them wrong.

DO get over insignificant incidents.

DON’T pretend to get over it and then act disloyally in future.

DO be honest.

DON’T share every single thought you have- not everybody gives a fuck.

DO uphold your boundaries and belief system.

DON’T do so in a hateful way, with the goal of isolating a person who doesn’t fit your criteria.

DO be kind, and peaceful at every opportunity.

DON’T be adversarial, argumentative, and straight up difficult to tolerate.

DO get annoyed by things which bother you.

DON’T launch into an angry, abusive tirade every time something slightly annoys you.

DO walk away when somebody has proven to be toxic to you.

DON’T be dramatic and seek attention or the approval of others, for doing so. Just do it with decisiveness and grace.

DO take responsibility for your mistakes. We all make them.

DON’T blame others, or do nothing to rectify the situation, including your wrongdoing of the past.

I think that about covers it. This is how you be a high quality human being… or you know, NOT.  Focus on what’s important to you, and mind your own business.  Be who you are and be the best at it that you can.

In summary, have some integrity, courage, and self awareness and you’ll be alright in life. If you’re the type who lacks these things, you’ll drag yourself under in no time.  I have no sympathy.  We all make our own choices, and if you fail to make good ones, that’s 100% your problem.

I say this with love.

Get your shit together, and don’t be hateful or bitter. It’s intensely unattractive, and you will REPEL any quality people who happen to be in your presence.

Bad shit happens to us all.  It’s not alright to direct that pain at ANYONE, for ANY reason.  Keep your shit in check.  Handle it with grace, or professional intervention.  You don’t ever get to use your shitty experiences as a license to treat someone else poorly.

Don’t forget to kiss my arse, though… if you don’t like this.

I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuck.  I cannot find a single fuck to give.



Say it with me.

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