They See Me Rollin’

I make mistakes. I learn from them, though.  I promise. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast.  Sometimes it takes me 8 years to work that shit out, but lately it's taking me about 8 minutes. 


Toxic masculinity left a fucking bad taste in my mouth.  Excuse me if it offends you that I might try tasting a cock in an attempt to refresh my palette.

Good Girls

Just be yourself. No, not like that. Don't wear those pants. Your arse looks fat. Now change your hair, and your mind. Nothing is fair, But don't fall behind. Less is more. So make yourself less. Never make waves. Buy that cute dress. Feel awkward in it, When everyone looks. But that's how to do …

Don’t be a Dick

Look.  If you wanted to sound less cunty in my stories, you should have been less of a cunt.  You know what I'm saying? I know an even bigger cunt though. You're shocked.  Don't be!  I'm not even talking about Satan himself, the father of my children.  Oh no.  I'm talking about Goliath.  I'm using …


I'm legit having difficulty starting this one at all.  I have to pause for an evil laugh.   Ok. Where to begin? It was just an average Saturday afternoon.  I was chilling in my room after a satisfying Thuglunch, when some random struck up a conversation with me. That's dating apps for you.  Random. I …